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Animate your Figma designs

Import Figma designs and bring them to life. Create outstanding animations that enhance your graphic designs.
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Pixel perfect import, in 1 click

Our Figma plugin works like magic: import your designs in 1 click, and you are ready to go. If you make changes in your Figma file, we will merge your work intelligently.

Design interfaces that stand out

Use motion design to enhance your website landing pages, app transitions, or micro-interactions. Jitter gives you all the creative toolkit to make them exactly like you want.

Demo your ideas quickly

Describing animations is often complicated, and visuals are worth a thousand words: save time by showing your ideas instead of explaining them.

Bring your graphic designs to life

Figma is used for many things beyond interface design. Whether you are working on social media graphics, illustrations, or amazing logos, make them truly outstanding thanks to motion design.

Make your work look better

Sometimes, it's just about the presentation: make your designs shine with simple animations to give more power to your ideas, and stand out from the crowd.

Getting started is easy

Jitter works like Figma so you won't be lost: with artboards, a simple timeline and a design-centric approach, the Jitter interface already looks familiar.

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