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Improve your online presence and impress your followers with beautifully animated posts.
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Build your brand

Create impactful, stunning content to make your brand stand out. Wow your followers with animated posts that stand out from the crowd.

From static to animated in no time

With Jitter's animation presets, you can add motion to your designs in just a few clicks. And you can customize everything so that they recognize you instantly.

Create professional-quality animations easily

Jitter gives you the tools you need to create professional-quality animations, fast. Even if you’re not a designer, our intuitive editor will make you feel like one.

Customize everyting to stay on-brand

Jitter gives you everything you need to be a social media guru. Easily edit import images & videos, add animated texts and graphics to your posts, make them look like you.

Publish on all major social media platforms

With Jitter's size presets, you can create animated visuals for Instagram stories, YouTube videos, Facebook posts, Google ads, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more.

Get feedback on your work with 1-click sharing

Share your work to anyone with a simple link. The file will open in a browser, ready to view. No need to export a video for each version and send it over email.

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