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The first impression matters. Jitter helps you make outstanding title animations for your video intros, easily.
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Text animations made easy

With Jitter's text animation tool, you can create stunning text animations in just a few clicks. Quickly test multiple versions with animations presets. Fine-tune to make them yours.

Work faster without compromises on quality

Motion design used to be time consuming. With Jitter, we speed up your workflow by 10x with classic keyboard shortcuts, animations you can copy & paste, or batch property editing.

Animate any element

Add more elements to your title sequence, and animate them easily. Whether you need subtitles, icons, pictures or backgrounds, you are in control.

Work on any platform

Jitter is built for the browser โ€” no installation or plugins required. Forget juggling multiple files: in Jitter, files are a link and you always have the latest version.

Export in high quality (up to 4K, 60 fps)

When your title sequence is ready, export in 1 click to publish on YouTube, social media or anywhere else. You can choose any format you want, up to 4K and 60 fps.

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