Show distance between objects

We just added one of the most requested usability features: you can now measure the distance between layers on the canvas. To show distance between layers, you can:

  1. Select an object
  2. Hold (or alt on Windows)
  3. Hover the other objects for which you want to know the distance to Jitter will display a red line between the objects, as well as a measurement.

Measuring the distances between layers works with any kind of element:

  • Artboard / scene
  • Texts
  • Vector shapes (rectangles, ellipses, stars)
  • Media shapes (images, videos, GIFs, SVGs)

We measure the distances between the bounding boxes of each object. There are some cases where the behavior may differ from what you expect:

  • Shapes with a center or outer stroke: Jitter will measure the distance to the object's bounds, and not the outer limit of the stroke
  • Stars: if you have stars with an odd number of spikes, the layer bounding box is slightly bigger than the shape's dimensions

Other improvements

  • Improved the display of scaled up images in the "Lottie - Others" profile
  • Ellipses with a “Resize” animation are now supported in the Lottie export
  • Fixed a display bug with flipped images
  • Fixed a bug with Undo / Redo in the inspector
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