Keyboard navigation: dropdown menu

We added keyboard navigation to all the dropdown menus in the Editor and in other places of the Jitter app. This makes the app faster and easier to use for people who feel more productive using their keyboards.

You can now navigate the menus using:

  • The arrow keys and to navigate between items
  • The Escape key esc to close the menu
  • The Enter key to select the item that is currently highlighted

We even added support for typeahead: once a dropdown menu is opened, you can start typing a word (for instance “Copy” or “Duplicate”), and this will automatically highlight the closest-matching item in the menu.

We improved two types of dropdown menus:

  • Contextual menus, also known as "right click" or "pop up" menus, which provide quick access to options when you interact with Jitter
  • Select menus, that allow users to choose between multiple options in a field of the property panel (e.g. the menu to select fonts)
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