Video support

We now support video as a media. Just like images, you can import a video in your project and animate its basic properties. We currently support the MP4 format, and videos under 100MB.

Other improvements and fixes

  • We added some animation presets to simplify the creation of classic animations
  • Animation parameters are now expressed in terms of absolute values (instead of relative)
  • We now use the original file name to identify an image in the layer list
  • Selecting an element in the layer list now highlights its animations in the timeline, and vice versa
  • The timeline height is now capped to leave more space for the canvas
  • You can now reorder animations in the timeline
  • New animations are now added at the bottom of the timeline
  • The UI elements displayed on the canvas are now hidden while playing an animation
  • Fixed a bug about the selection box that would not fit the object
  • Fixed a bug about resizing objects with a Move animation
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