Undo / Redo

We're excited to add a much requested feature: you can now undo / redo all your actions with Z and Z (ctrl Z and ctrl Z on Windows & Linux). This is definitely a big improvement for productivity and creativity, as it lets you be in the flow without the fear of making mistakes.

Font styles & line height

Text just got a big upgrade with the support of all the font styles proposed by Google Fonts (font weight and italics). We also added a control for the line height: using a small line height is particularly useful to make bold statements with fonts fonts like Montserrat 900, Oswald, or Fjalla One (in all caps).

Move objects along guides, resize from center

We added 2 other much requested features: you can now move an object along horizontal or vertical guides by holding while dragging, and resize an object from its center by holding while resizing (alt on Windows and Linux).

Other improvements and fixes

  • We replaced the ⚡️ icon by a ⚡️ Animate button on the canvas
  • The timeline now scrolls automatically to the selected operation
  • Fixed a bug that would make the export crash in some cases
  • Fixed an issue that would not display alignment guides in some cases
  • Fixed a display bug in the text effect inspector
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