Snapping layers

When you move a layer on the canvas, we now automatically snap it to the other layers of the artboard. We use a few useful anchor points: the corners, and the center of the layers.

This also works with animation ghosts. For instance, if you add a Move animation to a layer, you can snap the final position of the layer to its initial position.

Text box auto resize

You can now choose how the text box behaves:

  • Auto-width: the box always fits the content, and grows / shrinks with it
  • Auto-height: the box has a fixed width, and the height grows / shrinks to fit the content
  • Fixed size: the box size is fixed, and does not adapt to the text

In the inspector, these options are available in the Auto resize field of the Text section.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Fixed a bug that would prevent to move layers with keyboard arrows
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