Animate & Design modes

We introduce a toggle in the top bar that allows you to switch easily between a mode when you can design your objects, and a mode where you can animate them.

In Design mode, you can focus on the design of your objects before any animation is applied to it. We display the design inspector with all the object properties.

In Animate mode, you can focus on adding animations to your objects, and customize them in the inspector.

Other improvements and fixes

  • When an action is selected, adding a new action now uses the same timing parameters as the selected action
  • Clicking on the timeline now unselects any selected action, but keeps the focus on the selected object
  • Actions now preview automatically when updating the easing function
  • Removed the Scale property from the design inspector
  • Converted Scale values to percents
  • Input fields now display units even when they are being edited
  • Input fields now support optional min and max thresholds when editing the value with keyboard arrows
  • Action input fields now support an optional โ€œย -ย โ€ value to indicate the property is not animated
  • When an input field is in focus, hitting the space bar now previews the animation
  • Added an icon to represent the artboard
  • Improved the default values when adding a new action
  • Improved display performance for invisible shadows
  • Fixed the display of the Animation menu that could sometimes be partially off-screen
  • experimental Resize action
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