Ellipse & Arc Tool

We just added the ellipse shape. It is great for making perfect circles, but we also added a few extra cursors you can play with:

  • Donut: this creates a hole in the ellipse, with a number between 0% (no hole) and 100% (as big as the ellipse)
  • Sweep: this creates a pie, with a number between 0% and 100%
  • Start angle: this represents the angle where the pie starts

These 3 parameters can be combined together โ€“ and of course, you can animate them with the Arc action.

Resize animation

It is now possible to resize any shape during the animation. This is particularly useful for rectangles or media containers. For example, you can design a nice intro animation by making a rectangle grow until it takes up all the surface of the scene.

The Resize action lets you choose an anchor point: this is the point that remains in the same place while the object is resizing. For instance, if you make a rectangle grow from a width of 100px to a width of 200px, you can choose the anchor point:

  • On the left edge: the rectangle will expand by pushing its right edge further right,
  • On the right edge: the rectangle will expand by pushing its left edge further left,
  • In the center: the rectangle will expand by pushing both edges equally.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Added sections labels to the Animation menu, and reordered the actions
  • Display the Text Content section in Animate mode when a text is selected
  • Fixed the input fields of the Text effect inspector
  • Removed the From / To toggle of the Text effect inspector
  • Removed the Scale property from the Design inspector for all objects
  • The width and height of the Star shape can now be different
  • Restored graphical editing of actions
  • Improved the ghost display when the object does not change position
  • Allow to resize the timeline vertically
  • Added 50ms steps on the timeline
  • Added autoplay when switching the From / To modes
  • Keep the UI hidden for 500ms at the end of an auto-preview
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