Example gallery

We are really excited to release the gallery of examples. In this gallery, you can click on any example to explore how it was done, and duplicate the file to remix it.

This is the first step towards our vision of:

  • Enabling users to build on top of each other's work,
  • Enabling users to learn motion design through the tool.

We can't wait to add more examples to the gallery, and see what you create. Happy remixing!

Other improvements and fixes

  • Improved the navigation between the app sections
  • Enable to remix projects
  • The file list is now accessible at the jitter.video/files URL
  • Stop playback when leaving the editor
  • Decreased timeline grid to 10ms for more precision
  • Updated the interface of the Move action with handles
  • Fixed multiple display bugs (multi-selection, Move action…)
  • Cancel native trackpad gestures on the editor
  • Fix “pinch to zoom out” behavior on Safari
  • Stop auto-creating a file when the file list is empty
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