Animation presets

Today we release animation presets: they allow to add rich animations to your objects in just one click. We reorganised the main animation menu, which has now 3 tabs:

  • In: lists the presets to make an object appear in the scene
  • Out: lists the presets to make an object disappear from the scene
  • Custom: lists all the elementary actions, if you want to build a custom animation from scratch

You can also break down the presets into their individual actions, if you want to fully customize them. You can find this option in the contextual menu, in the top right of the inspector. This feature is not yet available on mask presets.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Fixed a problem with the URLs to share projects
  • Fixed a display bug for groups of layers when the opacity was <100%
  • Updated default parameters when adding a new shape
  • Updated the animation menu style from dark to light mode
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