Text presets

Today we release text animation presets. Just like for regular presets, you can add a β€œIn” preset to make your text appear, and a β€œOut” preset to make it disappear. Text presets enable you to animate texts:

  • Letter by letter,
  • Word by word,
  • or Line by line.

You can customize the animation of each node (letter, word, line), and the offset between each of these nodes.

Other improvements and fixes

  • It is now possible to move timeline segments with keyboard arrows
  • It is now possible to edit objects graphically between β€œin” and β€œout” animations
  • It is now possible to edit objects graphically when the time cursor is at the end of an operation
  • The scene size and duration are now available in both Design and Animate modes
  • Added more examples to the gallery
  • Changed the playback behavior of actions in β€œin” mode
  • Updated the text effects inspector
  • Fixed a bug on the slide direction of text effects
  • Fixed a display bug that would display a small part of the object before a masking animation
  • Changed how you can define initial values for actions
  • Renamed items in the inspector menu
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