Jitter is now in public beta!

We are really excited to open the beta to the public, and to launch Jitter on Product Hunt!

Jitter is still in early stage so some things might not work as expected, but it is really important we get more feedback from our users. In particular, we really want to learn about your use cases and how we can improve the tool for you. So please reach out to us to give us honest feedback, we really want to hear the truth (even if it hurts sometimes).

Our goal is to make a simple and modern tool for motion design, and we need you for this :) Can't wait to see what you create!

Other improvements & fixes

  • The design tab is now selected by default when you open a project with no animations
  • When opening a project, we now set the zoom level so the arboard is entirely visible
  • The default font size is now proportional to the artboard size
  • Updated the “Join the beta” form
  • Added hover effect on gallery items
  • Added a subscribe link to My Account page
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