Grouping layers

You can now select multiple layers and create a group with them! To do this, you can simply select the layers you want to group, and press โŒ˜G (or ctrlG on Windows). If you want to ungroup them, you can simply select the group, and press โ‡งโŒ˜G (or โ‡งctrlG on Windows).

Groups in Jitter work like frames in Figma: their size and position is determined when they are created. After a group is created, changing the size or position of the children will not automatically change the group's bounding box.

By default, when you resize a group, it will resize all the children proportionally. However, if you press the ctrl key while resizing, it will simply resize the group boundaries and leave the children untouched.

Hand tool

You can now move the canvas with the Hand tool. To do this:

  • Press H and keep the key pressed โ€“ the cursor will change to a hand
  • Click an drag your mouse to move navigate in the work zone

Other improvements & fixes

  • Added more keyboard shortcuts (press R to create a rectangle, press O to create an ellipse, press T to create a text)
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the drag of the selected element if it was under another element
  • Swap the export button and zoom menu in the top bar
  • Updated the login page
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