Super fast video export ⚡

The export just got a big upgrade: exporting a GIF is now on average 4 times faster, and exporting a video is now on average 7 times faster (!!). To benefit from this upgrade, you just have to upgrade to the latest version of Chrome (89 and upwards) and reload the page.

Mac M1 computers will support this feature later.

Other improvements & fixes

  • It is now possible to fold / unfold a layer group without selecting it
  • Selecting a layer in the canvas now displays it in the layer list (auto unfold its parent groups, and auto scroll)
  • Added more examples to the Gallery
  • Added a Pricing page in the top bar
  • Updated the Subscribe page
  • Enabled HD export for up to 2160×2160px resolution
  • Fixed a bug to resize text boxes inside a group
  • Fixed a bug for resizing text boxes with the key pressed
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