Hide / Show animations

We just added 2 new types of animations: Hide and Show.

  • The “Hide” animation lets you hide an item instantly
  • The “Show” animation lets you display an item instantly

To add these animations, you can click on the “New animation” button, head to the “Custom” tab, and select the “Hide / Show” item.

Other improvements & fixes

  • It is now possible to drag & drop images from your computer files to your Jitter window
  • It is now possible to import multiple images at once from the file picker
  • It is now possible to duplicate a layer with D – this action is also available from the right-click menu
  • Fixed a bug where animations with a duration of 0 would disappear from the timeline
  • Fixed a bug when copying a text effect to another type of layer
  • Fixed a bug that would not update the size of the text box when changing the font
  • Improved behavior when adding multiple animations of the same type to the same object
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