Video support

You can now import videos in your Jitter projects. Once imported, the videos are represented by a segment in the timeline. You can crop the video by resizing the segment. We currently support the .mp4 and .mov formats.

Other improvements & fixes

  • It is now possible to reset your password and update your email in your account
  • It is now possible to zoom the canvas by pressing ctrl or meta key while scrolling
  • We now handle custom fonts with no name in their metas
  • The playback now stops when switching to the Design tab
  • Added more fonts to the list of available fonts
  • Added an alternate export method
  • Added strokes on groups
  • Added more animations on groups (color, resize…)
  • Improved the export flow
  • Improved the loading of custom fonts
  • Improved the video and GIF encoder
  • Improved font and asset uploads
  • Fixed some import warnings
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