Rename layers inline

It is now possible to rename your layers by double-clicking on the layer name in the layer list. This also works for most animations in the timeline (except the elementary actions such as “Move”, “Scale”, etc.).

Hide & show layers

We added the possibility to hide a layer from the layer list. That's particularly handy if you want to concentrate on one part of the animation. To do so, just hover the layer in the layer list, and click on the “Eye” icon.

Actions on files

It is now possible to rename, duplicate or delete a file from the editor. To do so, you can click on the chevron next to the file name (in the top bar), and pick one of these actions from the menu. It is also possible to rename the file by clicking directly on the file name.

Other improvements & fixes

  • Playback now stops when switching to the Design tab
  • Display a warning message when opening Jitter from an unsupported browser (Jitter is currently optimized to run on the latest version of Google Chrome for Desktop)
  • Improved the export page
  • Improved stability when opening an existing project
  • Fixed an issue with texts when importing Figma projects
  • Fixed a bug that occured when ungrouping an empty group
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