Import GIFs to your projects

You can now import GIFs in your Jitter projects! GIFs work like any other media in Jitter: for instance you can add corner radius, strokes or shadows easily in the Design mode, and you can animate the GIF in the Animate mode.

Adding a GIF to your scene will also add a segment in the timeline (like videos). Adjusting the size of the segment will trim the GIF, just like a regular video. And if you go beyond the duration of the GIF, it will just loop.

โš ๏ธ This feature is only available in Chrome for now, it will be released in other browsers later on.

Other improvements & fixes

  • Added more templates to the Gallery
  • Added the 3x export size when relevant
  • Improved how we display video frames in the Animate mode
  • Improved the Export process to make it work on more browsers
  • Fixed a bug when resizing a group would not resize its rotated children properly
  • Fixed an export bug where the last frame of the video was not taken into account
  • Fixed the corner radius property on some videos
  • Fixed a bug with easing functions what would result in invalid colors
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