Transparent GIF export

We dramatically improved the quality of transparent GIF exports. Due to the limitations of the GIF format, some exports could display a colorful drop shadow on the edges of the exported layers. We optimised the transparent GIF export parameters: transparent GIFs are now as sharp as they should be!

Optional fill for shapes

You can now remove the Fill of the shapes in Jitter: you can now style an element with just a stroke, and an optional shadow. For this, you just have to select the shape, and disable the "Background" field in the property panel (in Design mode).

This feature will be supported on texts soon.

Figma plugin improvements

We published a new version of the Figma plugin. In this version:

  • Hidden layers are now exported to Jitter
  • Shapes with no fill are now exported natively
  • We fixed a bug where some masked layers could make the plugin crash
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