Lottie export – Public beta

We just added one of the most requested features: you can now export your creations in Lottie format.

Lottie is a lightweight and interactive format that lets your embed high-quality, vector animations in your websites or apps.

The Lottie export is currently in beta. Here are the features that are not supported yet:

  • Text animations (we use a fade-in / fade-out instead)
  • Mask animations (we use a fade-in / fade-out instead)
  • Donuts and pies

We are currently working on adding support for these features.

Other improvements

  • Added the APNG export format
  • Prevented a crash when resizing artboards to a size of 0
  • Improved the handling of GIF layers
  • Improved the export page
  • Improved the sign-up flow
  • Added support for texts without background fill
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