Figma to Lottie

We are releasing a new version of our plugin that lets you export your Figma designs to Lottie. It is as simple as before:

  1. Import your Figma artboard to Jitter in 1 click with the plugin
  2. Add animations in a few clicks in Jitter
  3. Export your animation in the Lottie format Then you can include your Lottie animations to your interfaces, apps, websites, Webflow projects or LottieFiles account seamlessly.

Figma plugin: export custom shapes as SVGs

We're releasing a new version of our Figma plugin that exports most custom shapes as SVGs. The assets imported in Jitter are crisp at any scale, and you can iterate on some properties (color, stroke) directly in Jitter.

Other improvements

  • Fixed a bug that would not set default values when adding a shadow or a stroke
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