Inline text editing

All texts in Jitter are now editable inline: you can now write and edit your content directly in the canvas. Double click on any text field to trigger the editing mode. Then, everything works as you expect: you can place the cursor anywhere you want with your mouse or using keyboard arrows, and start typing.

We also added many handy shortcuts. For instance, here is what you can do to speed up your workflow with your keyboard:

  • โŒ˜ A: select all the text in the text box
  • โŒฅ + โ† โ†’: move the cursor by word
  • โŒฅ + โ†‘ โ†“: move the cursor by paragraph
  • โŒ˜ + โ† โ†’: move the cursor at the beginning / end of the current line
  • โŒ˜ + โ†‘ โ†“: move the cursor at the beginning / end of the text field

Finally, you can hold โ‡ง while using the keyboard arrows to manipulate the selection โ€“ this is compatible with the previous shortcuts (like holding โŒฅ to navigate by word)

We also support some useful mouse shortcuts:

  • Double-click to select the word under your cursor
  • Triple-click to select the entire paragraph
  • Quadruple click to select the entire text

And the magic part? Try dragging the mouse after one of these multi-clicks and see what happens!

Other improvements

  • Increased the maximum scene duration to 120 seconds
  • Updated the Dribbble size preset to 1600 ร— 1200 px
  • Fixed a bug for line SVGs (open paths)
  • Fixed a bug in the mask text effects
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