SVG to Lottie

We are improving our Lottie export: SVGs are now exported as native Lottie shapes.

Previously, SVGs were converted as rasterized images in the Lottie export. In some animations, they could appear pixelated, and we were losing one of the biggest advantages of Scalable Vector Graphics (being able to scale any preferred size without compromising on quality).

This is now fixed, as we are now converting SVGs to the native Lottie shape format. As a result, you get a crisp rendering of all your vector images in your animations. This improvement is compatible with all platforms.

Pro tip: you can now use Jitter to convert your SVGs to Lottie. This is particularly handy if you need to animate your SVG icons or illustrations and turn them into Lottie animations.

Other improvements

  • Improved Lottie export for emojis in texts (Apple Emojis are now supported)
  • Fixed a bug preventing SVGs to be edited the second time a file was opened
  • Fixed a bug where inspector values could propagate from 1 object to another when the selection changed
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