Rich text editing

You can now compose beautifully formatted text, directly in the canvas.

Previously, if you wanted to highlight a word in bold or in a different color, you had to manually split the text in multiple words. You had to create a text layer for each word you wanted to highlight, and style that word independently. While you could achieve the desired result, it was not flexible: if you wanted to edit your text you had to manually reposition each of these highlighted words so they fit in the new sentence.

This is a thing of the past, as we now support rich text editing. Jitter now provides a WYSIWYG editor to add rich formatting to your texts directly on screen. Rich text editing works on these properties:

  • Font family
  • Font weight
  • Font size
  • Line height
  • Letter spacing
  • Letter case (normal, uppercase, lowercase)
  • Color

Other text properties like horizontal alignment, vertical alignment, or box resizing can only be applied to the entire text layer.

Other improvements

  • Improved canvas drawing performance
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