Lock and unlock layers

You can now lock layers to protect them from accidental edits, or to prevent them from being edited in the canvas.

To lock or unlock a layer, you can:

  1. Hover over the layer in the layer list on the left
  2. Click on the padlock icon that appears

When a layer is locked, you can still select it from the layer list on the left, and adjust its property from the inspector on the right.

If you lock a group, all its children will also be locked. It is not possible to unlock child layers without unlocking the enclosing group.

Other improvements

  • Fixed a crash occurring when exporting some particular emojis in Lottie.
  • Fixed an issue with the selection rectangle not working when perfectly aligned on the edge of a shape.
  • Fixed an issue with donuts shapes that in some cases appeared at a wrong position when exported in Lottie.
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