Export files in background tabs

You can now export your files in background tabs!

Previously, the Export tab had to remain visible during the export process. Otherwise, the export process would pause after a few seconds, and even completely stop after some time.

With this update, it is now possible to launch an export, and go back to what you were doing before. The file will keep exporting in the tab, even if it is not currently active.

This is a huge productivity improvement, as you can now:

  • keep using other tabs of your browser while your file is exporting,
  • and launch multiple exports in parallel – for instance if you want to export the same file in multiple formats (video, GIF, Lottie…) and sizes.

This improvement is available for all export formats (video, GIF, Lottie). And the best part of it: you can keep track of the export progress in the tab title. ⏳

Other improvements

  • Fixed a display issue with the custom fonts inspector.
  • Fixed an "asset missing" issue that could appear with some particular media files.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the export of some particular SVGs in Lottie.
  • Fixed an issue where the natural order of layers was lost when reordering layers in bulk in the layer list.
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