Select multiple objects

We just made it easier to select multiple layers at a time. In the Layer list on the left, you can now use the and the keys (ctrl on Windows) to select multiple layers more efficiently.

More specifically, if you want to select a range of layers, you can use the key:

  • Click on the first layer to select
  • Hold down the key
  • Click on the last layer of the range Jitter will select every layer between those two layers in the Layer list.

And if you want to select individual layers, you can use the key:

  • Click on the first layer to select
  • Hold down the key (or ctrl on Windows)
  • Click on any other layer you want to select

Selecting multiple layers is particularly handy when you want to:

  • Update a property across multiple layers at the same time
  • Move multiple objects at the same time
  • Create a group or a masked group from the selection

This productivity improvement also works in the timeline: you can select a range of animations by holding , and add individual animations to the selection by holding (or ctrl on Windows).

Note: while it is possible to select multiple objects that don't have the same level of hierarchy, it is not possible to have a parent group and its children in the same selection.

Other improvements and fixes

  • Improved the insertion order of duplicated layers
  • Restored the display of the artboard name on the canvas
  • Restored the correct behavior of the “Use full resolution image” option for images
  • Fixed an issue that could cause imported images to be clipped
  • Fixed an issue with extremely large ratio images that could cause the Editor to crash
  • Fixed a video frame synchronization issue that could occur when exporting video media
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