Timeline keyboard navigation

This week, we are introducing new ways to navigate in the timeline with your keyboard. Previously, you could only move the time cursor by using your mouse. And in some cases, this could lack precision.

Starting today, here are the shortcuts you can use to move the time cursor with your keyboard:

  • , and . to move by ±10ms
  • , and . to move by ±100ms
  • , and . to move to the previous or next animation
  • , and . to move to the beginning or end of the scene

These shortcuts not only make Jitter more accessible, but they also make it much easier to place the time cursor exactly where you need to.

Pro tip: on QWERTY keyboards, you can replace , and . by the < and > keys, making this shortcut even easier to remember.

Other improvements

  • You can now upload and update your profile picture in the Settings
  • You can now update your name in the Settings
  • Improved the animations of the information toasts in the Editor
  • Improved the way we load assets while opening a Jitter file – the Editor now launches faster
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