Copy and paste from Figma

We are thrilled to announce the latest version of our Figma plugin.

Previously, exporting a Figma frame to Jitter was a simple one-click process, but it did have its limitations. You could only import top-level frames (and not individual layers), which made the workflow less efficient. Moreover, if you re-exported the same frame to an existing Jitter project and the layer hierarchy had changed, you could lose some of your animations without any way of retrieving them.

Today, we are introducing a new version of our Figma plugin that makes the import process much more efficient and secure.

Here's how it works:

  1. Open the plugin in Figma and select the frame you wish to import.
  2. Click on the plugin button to copy the frame.
  3. Go to your Jitter file and paste the element using ⌘ V – on Windows, use ctrl V.

Pro tip: If you made changes in your Figma file and want to sync them in Jitter, use the Paste and replace feature by pressing ⇧ ⌘ V – on Windows, use shift ctrl V. This feature will preserve your animations in the timeline, provided that the hierarchy of your animated layers hasn't changed.

This new plugin is much more flexible and is designed to support exciting future updates. You can install the new plugin from Figma Community, and we can’t wait to see how it speeds up your workflow!

Other improvements

  • Allowed the editing of multiple operations simultaneously in the right side inspector.
  • Fixed an issue that could prevent a file rename from being saved.
  • Fixed an issue where a preset converted into operations had the wrong duration.
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