Improved GIF export

Improved GIF export

This update brings a significant improvement to the GIF exporting process, resulting in faster exports and significantly smaller file sizes.

On average, GIFs now export 2x faster on average (and up to 3x faster in some cases), allowing you to create and share your work in record time, even for complex and lengthy animations.

The new GIF exporter also significantly reduces the file size of exported GIFs: on average, the file sizes are now 2x smaller, making it easier to share your creations across various platforms. The exporter even achieves file size reductions of up to ten times for certain GIFs, optimizing storage and bandwidth usage without compromising on visual quality.

With these enhancements, Jitter ensures that your GIF creation process is more efficient, allowing you to produce stunning animations with less time and effort. If you are using GIFs in your email campaigns, these gains are absolute game-changers.

Other improvements

  • Fixed an issue that made some Lottie exports appear off-center.
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