Jitter for Teams

Introducing Jitter for Teams! You and your teammates can now collaborate seamlessly on your designs and animations. Jitter for Teams solves some of the biggest problems that designers, design teams, and stakeholders (like clients, marketers, and developers) face in the creation process.

Here are the main benefits:

  • Designers can co-create in real-time and iterate rapidly on the same files with their peers, in real-time
  • Everyone is now on the same page and teams get aligned faster (no more file version problems)
  • Review processes are 10x easier (no more exporting videos, sending them over Slack or email, and waiting for feedback), and designers get their work approved faster
  • Designers can hand off their work to marketers (who can iterate on the content) and developers (who can inspect animations) so that everyone focuses on what they do best

This will transform the way design teams and stakeholders create content – here are all the features that come with it:

Shared workspace

You and your team can now have all your files in the same workspace. And you always get the latest version: no more tedious file sharing, endless back-and-forth exchanges, or final_final_v2 versions. Everything is always in sync, and you are all on the same page.

Real-time collaboration

You can now edit your designs and animations together, in real-time:

  • Avatar stack → Whenever you open a file, we add your avatar to the toolbar at the top of the Editor, and you'll see everyone else that is currently editing the file.
  • Live cursors → If your teammates are editing the same file, you'll see their cursors move in real-time on the canvas.
  • Live selection → And whenever they select an object on the canvas or an animation in the timeline, you'll also see their selection in real-time.

And that's not all! Everything works seamlessly even if you don't have an internet connection: when you reconnect, we'll just sync your changes in your files.

Unlimited teams and collaborators

You can now create your team from the side bar in the File list. Just enter a name, invite your teammates with their emails, and you're ready to go! It's as simple as that.

Admin tools

You can now manage all your team in the same place: see who is on your team, add and remove members, change their permissions… You can do all of this from the new Team Settings page.

Centralized billing

When you upgrade your team to the Team plan, you now benefit from a centralized billing for all your team members. Enter your payment and billing info once, and we'll manage the rest for you.

And getting started with Jitter for Teams is easy:

  1. Create a team from the Files page
  2. Invite your teammates via email
  3. Collaborate!

This is a huge milestone for Jitter, and one big step towards making motion design accessible to anyone. We can't wait to see how these new collaboration features improve your workflows and unleash your creativity as a team.

Time to create together! ✨

Other improvements

  • Fixed a selection issue when double clicking on a text layer.
  • Fixed keyboard cut shortcuts not working in text layers.
  • Fixed move animation handles not working with text layers.
  • Greatly improved ProRes4444 export speed.
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