Live avatars

We are improving our collaboration capabilities to make people feel like they are in the same room: whenever you open a file, we now add your avatar to the toolbar. This allows everyone to see who is currently accessing the file. And if you hover over a person's avatar, you will see their name so that you know exactly who else on your team is collaborating with you!

Other improvements

  • The export menu is now compatible with keyboard navigation and typeahead.
  • Improved the display of the default profile pictures in the side bar.
  • Improved the descriptions in all the sections in the Settings to make them easier to understand.
  • Updated the color of the default profile pictures.
  • Unified styling of the text in all the Settings pages.
  • We now display the Team picture on the screen to accept the invitation to join a team.
  • Improved the role picker in the team member settings.
  • Improved keyboard shortcuts when editing a text.
  • We now handle special line break characters properly.
  • After ungrouping a selection, all the children elements remain selected.
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