Custom easings

We are really excited to give more control over the easing curves, to help you craft your animations the way you want.

The easing determines the acceleration of the transition between the beginning and the end of an animation. It helps communicate movement and emotion, and makes your animation more natural or expressive. It is a core part of your brand identity, so it is important to give as much control as possible over it.

In this update, we introduce the easing intensity. This is a simple yet efficient way to control how the animation will look like:

  • At lower intensities, the easing will feel smoother and softer,
  • At higher intensities, the easing will feel steeper and stronger.

We did all the hard work to provide you with the best-looking easing curves, so that you can focus on the expressivity of your motion.

We also added more easing presets, and they all come with their intensity sliders:


This is the default easing preset. It starts the animation slowly, accelerates in the middle, and makes the object land in its final position smoothly. This is how objects usually behave in the physical world: when in doubt, this is the preset you should use.


This preset is a variation of the Smooth easing preset. Similarly, it starts and ends the animation slowly, in a symmetrical manner. This is a perfect preset for objects that stay on screen.

Slow down

This preset makes the animation start fast, and slow down as it reaches the end of the transition. It works well for making objects appear into view.


This preset is the opposite of the Slow down easing preset. It makes the object start slowly, and accelerate as it reaches the end of its transition. It works well for transitioning objects out of view.


This easing preset adds a dynamic and bouncy effect to transitions, mimicking the behavior of a physical spring being stretched and released. It makes the transitions look playful and natural. It is widely used in iOS interface design, and to put emphasis on your content.


This easing preset mimics what happens when you drop something on the floor. It will first accelerate downwards, and then bounce back up after hitting the floor. It is a playful preset to make object appear with emphasis.


This preset is similar to the Slow down easing preset, but it starts faster and makes the animation go beyond the target value, before smoothly getting back to the end position. Similarly, it works well to make objects appear into view.


Before starting the action, the object will move in the opposite direction. This is a technique commonly used in motion design to prepare the audience that something is about to happen, and reinforce the main motion. Much like the Accelerate easing preset, this preset works well to make objects transition out of view.


This preset is another very natural way of moving objects in your scene. It starts with an anticipation movement (like the Impulse easing preset), accelerates in the middle, and goes past the end position before slowing coming back (like the Overshoot preset).


When no easing is applied, the transition happens at a constant speed. This is often the way to go for opacity and color transitions. However, this is generally not recommended for other types of animations, as it makes the object look unnatural or robotic. It can work in some cases though โ€“ for instance when you want to add a perpetual motion to your scene. Think of a spinning object, or a scrolling banner.

We are really excited about these new customization capabilities, and can't wait to see how it will help you elevate your brand.

Other improvements

  • Reorganised the templates.
  • Improved quality of the .webm exports.
  • Improved the flow to create and delete a team.
  • Improved the styling of the side panel.
  • Fixed a bug preventing the change of FPS in an APNG export.
  • Fixed a bug where editing multiple Move actions in multiplayer would not work properly.
  • Fixed a bug where some fields of the inspector would take focus inappropriately.
  • Fixed a display issue in the pricing FAQ.
  • Fixed a bug that would export GIFs with another frame rate as the one selected.
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