You can now create and edit gradients directly in Jitter!

We support two types of gradients:

  • Linear: This is a progressive transition between two or more colors along a straight line.
  • Radial: This is a circular gradient with a color stop at the center that transitions to other colors towards the edge.

You can apply these gradients to the scene and all native shapes, including rectangles, ellipses, and stars. Support for gradients on text layers will be available in a future update.

This update comes with a fully redesigned color picker:

  • To add a color stop to the gradient, click on the gradient slider in the picker
  • To remove a color stop, right-click on the stop and select β€œDelete” from the context menu

These interactions also work directly on the canvas.

Our Figma plugin has also been updated: now, the gradients in your Figma file are imported natively, and you can edit them in Jitter.

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